Engineering Design

Engineering Design

When it comes to creating slopes, roads, excavations and foundations, geotechnical design provides a key function within civil engineering for understanding the mechanics of soil and rocks.

However, with the final outcome of any ground-related project heavily influenced by the quality of geotechnical design and advice received, accurately determining the engineering properties and the hazards means choosing the right design consultancy early on.


Peter Baxter Associates take complex ground engineering concepts, principles and theory and turn them into practical design solutions.

Accessible and bespoke, we provide geotechnical designs for business and domestic clients across Kent, London and the South East.

Drawing upon years of combined experience and site investigation expertise, our geotechnical engineers leverage state-of-the-art CAD technology and in-house soils testing facilities to provide a comprehensive design service – which also extends to contamination testing and reporting.

Landfill Engineering


From project landfill cells, large-scale restoration projects, industrial waste transfer stations, to house foundations and retaining walls, the scale of the project may vary but the quality of service doesn’t.

This means that no matter how simple or complex your brief, by providing high quality engineering design solutions, we help you safeguard your environment.

Slope Stability Solutions


Technically disciplined without being creatively constrained, our geotechnical engineers are not only able to determine the design needed but modify it as required.

More importantly, it’s by not reverting to standardisation that we create sustainable solutions better able to meet your specific engineering objectives. Better still, these bespoke designs can continually be developed, in order to adapt to the uncertainty that comes with ground-related projects.

Ground Modelling