Laboratory Services

Peter Baxter Associates operate UKAS accredited soil testing laboratory services based in Gillingham. Our range of direct tests are given below, and we also offer a vast range of other testing through our trusted accredited partners.

Our UKAS accreditation gives clients confidence in our procedures and results.

Peter Baxter Associates carry out site investigations and prepare factual and interpretative reports.


Listed below are the Tests carried out in house. All are UKAS accredited except where otherwise stated.

  • BS1377: Part 2: Clause 3.2 – Moisture Content
  • BS1377: Part 2: Clause 4.3 – Liquid Limit (4 point method)
  • BS1377: Part 2: Clause 4.4 – Liquid Limit (1 point method)
  • BS1377: Part 2: Clause 5.4 – Plasticity Index and Liquidity Index
  • BS1377: Part 2: Clause 7.2 – Density Linear Measurement Method
  • BS1377: Part 2: Clause 8.3 – Determination of Particle Density
  • BS1377: Part 2: Clause 9.2 – Particle Size Distribution – Wet sieving method
  • BS1377: Part 2: Clause 9.3 – Particle Size Distribution – Dry sieving method
  • BS1377: Part 2: Clause 9.5 – Particle Size Distribution – Sedimentation by hydrometer method
  • BS1377: Part 3: Clause 4 – Determination of the mass loss on ignition
  • BS1377: Part 3: Clause 5 – Determination of the sulphate content of soil and groundwater
  • BS1377: Part 3: Clause 9 – Determination of the pH value
  • BS1377: Part 4: Clause 3.3 – Determination of dry density/moisture content relationship using 2.5kg rammer
  • BS1377: Part 4: Clause 3.5 – Determination of dry density/moisture content relationship using 4.5kg rammer
  • In-house procedure: TP1 – Determination of Permeability in a triaxial cell (Test Standard: R&D Technical Report: Environment Agency P1-398/TR/2)
  • BS EN 933: Part 1: Clause 7.2 – Determination of Particle Size Distribution – Sieving Method
  • BS1377 Pt 2 Clause 3.3 – 3 Saturation Moisture Content of Chalk
  • BS1377 Pt 9 Clause 2.2 – In situ density (Sand Replacement Method)
  • BS1377 Pt 9 Clause 4.1 – Plate Loading Test
  • BS1377 Pt 9 Clause 4.1 – Equivalent CBR Testing by Plate Loading Test


We offer a range of testing through our UKAS or MCERTS accredited subcontractors. Listed below are some of the most frequently requested:

  • Soils chemical testing
  • Compliance leaching test BS EN12457-3 (“WAC Test”)
  • Heavy metals, oils, TPH, PAH, PCB, BTEX
  • Asbestos identification
  • Permeability testing BS1377: Part 6
  • Quick undrained triaxial shear testing BS1377: Part 7
  • Effective stress testing BS1377: Part 8
  • Los Angeles coefficient and 10% fines
  • Geomembrane and geotextile conformance testing and seam destructive testing

Paypal Payments


We now accept payment via PayPal. This facility is for the administrative convenience of clients for smaller projects and is available for invoices of up to £500 including VAT, or by arrangement. We would email clients through PayPal with a VAT invoice, which is paid by clicking a hyperlink. Client’s payment protection would apply under PayPal’s terms and conditions.