CQA Services

CQA Services

Peter Baxter Associates have over 20 year’s experience of the Construction Quality Assurance of landfill cells, landfill capping, and landfill gas infrastructure projects. This formalised supervision process is mandated by the Environment Agency for most landfill related construction projects, and may be summarised as writing down how the construction will be carried out in a CQA Plan, then recording how the construction was carried out in a CQA Report.

We have prepared and agreed CQA plans and Reports for many clients, including inert waste landfill operators. Our experience and technical expertise enables us to formulate and agree with the Agency CQA Plans which are concise, comprehensive, comprehensible, and free from discrepancies. To produce the CQA Plans we work from the planning documentation, PPC permit submissions and Agency guidance. Our CQA Plans usually double as the works specification, and our focus is always on buildability and practicality.

Site Testing

Our CQA staff Engineers are highly experienced and competent, and supported by office based staff and the Director. We offer visiting or full time CQA supervision as appropriate. Our staff can act in a contractual role and can perform field testing if required, offering a substantial cost saving to clients and greater project control.

There is often a tension between Agency expectations and the contractor’s commercial aims. Our philosophy is to agree a workable and clear CQA Plan with the Agency and client, providing technical justification for any deviation from Agency guidelines, and then to rigorously ensure that the agreed CQA Plan is followed.

CQA Supervision

Our CQA Reports are prepared and issued promptly, as the CQA checking is performed during the contract by our CQA site and office staff. Our rigorous checking protocol ensures that the thousands of data points in each CQA Report are correct.