Peter Baxter Associates Ltd were engaged to monitor boreholes installed by others at a disused scrap yard in Aylesford, Kent. The site was monitored weekly for VOCs, methane, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and carbon dioxide.

The site was visited on a weekly basis at different atmospheric pressures to ascertain whether any gas prevention measures would be required for a new housing development. An FID gas analyser was used to identify whether VOC gases were present and a gas analyser for identifying landfill gases.


Peter Baxter Associates are in their third year of site monitoring of a former dredging deposition site at Hoo Island, situated in the Medway Estuary, Kent. Water samples are recovered, tested and reported in accordance with EA guidelines on a quarterly basis to allow the site owner, Peel Ports Ltd to comply with their environmental permit. We are also conducting monthly borehole monitoring to inform the Client’s site closure plan.

PBA’s proximity to the site is reflected in our competitive rates for site monitoring and our flexible operation.

Peter Baxter Associates have over 15 years experience of Water Monitoring and used an innovative system for monitoring at Hoo Island. This site was particularly complex due to high levels of silt from dredging deposits. Peter Baxter selected the Hydrasleeve method which targets a particular monitoring depth where standard monitoring systems, such as a peristaltic pump, are not possible due to low recharge volumes and high silt levels in wells.

The system was approved by the Environment Agency as an alternative method to enable monthly monitoring within the site Boreholes.

Hydrasleeve Water Sampling