Engineering Design Services

From foundations to earthworks, here are some of the geotechnical design services we offer:

Foundation Design

Foundations are the basis of any construction. Whether it’s a small block of flats, an industrial building or a house extension, Peter Baxter Associates incorporate their site investigation findings to design foundations around building regulations and geotechnical theory.

Road and Paving Design

Spreading the load from a vehicle over a wider area of natural surface requires each layer of material to be of the appropriate thickness, with a specific engineering purpose. Using our internal site investigation techniques, along with Department of Transport and other guidance Peter Baxter Associates come up with economical and sustainable road and paving solutions.

Slope Stability Analysis

Whether human-made or natural, slope stability looks at the resistance of an inclined surface to sliding or collapsing. Employing a number of investigative techniques, we draw on geological information and site characteristics in order to understand the contributing factors behind slopes becoming unstable, and what measures are required to restore stability.

Landfill Design

Landfill still plays an important role in managing residual waste. Peter Baxter Associates provide multi year cell development services and landscaping designs, in association with client planning consultants. From carrying out future use studies for landfill and quarry operators, to advising on house foundation design and slope stability works, our remit is as broad as our expertise.

Quarry Excavation Profiles

The inherent dangers associated with the collapse of a quarry face makes good design essential to ensure certain pre-emptive measures are put in place. Using the latest analysis and ground modelling packages to calculate the necessary volumes, Peter Baxter Associates generate excavation profiles to inform quarry operators of resource quantities and excavation sequencing.

Landfill Restoration

The build up of waste brings with it the requirement for landfills to be restored. Landfill caps involve placing soil in layers to stop gasses getting out and rainfall getting in. Peter Baxter Associates can offer a full set of contract documents and cost studies, working with landfill operators and planning constraints to translate the planning drawings into construction specifications.

Habitat Design

Finding a way to enable wildlife to thrive can prove something of a challenge. Through drawings and designs, Peter Baxter Associates translate the requirements of ecological studies to create works on the ground that support the environment.

Flood Mitigation

These days, new developments require flood risk assessments to predict the risk. Working with these assessments, Peter Baxter Associates design recommended measures to limit the negative impact of flooding on developments, resulting in clients being able to go back to the planners with a suggested solution.