Site Monitoring Services

Peter Baxter Associates offer the following site monitoring services:

•  Groundwater/Leachate Borehole Sampling
•  Surface Water Sampling
•  Gas Monitoring
•  Gas Walkover Surveys

Water Sampling

Surface water and groundwater sampling are often required for analysing water quality and potential contamination levels.

Peter Baxter Associates provide a full service of water sampling and testing and have trained staff who will undertake groundwater and leachate monitoring programmes on a monthly/quarterly or annual basis including retrieving samples from streams, rivers, lakes, moats and storage tanks and purging and sampling groundwater or leachate boreholes using either a variety of methods as appropriate to the borehole environment. Water sampling is carried out in accordance with Environment Agency and industry guidance

Peter Baxter Associates offer a complete testing suite of analysis in one of our UKAS/MCERTS accredited laboratories.

Factual and Interpretative report writing can also be undertaken should there be a requirement.

Site Monitoring Services Site Monitoring Services

Gas Monitoring

Peter Baxter Associates undertake borehole monitoring and site walkover surveys either as part of our Contamination Studies, or as a standalone service for landfill operators and others. We provide a full gas monitoring service for boreholes, and site walkover surveys using calibrated FID equipment.

Peter Baxter Associates have many years experience in gas monitoring and can provide a complete service to our clients using our trained technicians. Gas monitoring is carried out in accordance with Environment Agency and industry guidance using calibrated instruments.

Peter Baxter Associates can also provide an installation service for Gas and Groundwater Monitoring Boreholes. Please see Site Investigation page for more information.

Site Monitoring Services Site Monitoring Services